Conditions and regulations for hiring a bicycle or equipment

Conditions and regulations for hiring a bicycle or equipment

Article 1 – Object

The present conditions and regulations for hiring a bicycle result in defining the rules for use. As well as the civil responsibilities of customers who celebrate each other. TURISBIKE is a registered trademark of Alfanove Unipessoal lda, with headquarters at Rua 5 de Outubro 523, parish and municipality of Vila do Conde, temporary contracts with a certain period of rental and use of bicycles and Client as indicated in the client file.

By filling in your details on this management platform for the purpose of booking or renting, you are at the same time assuming and confirming that you have taken note of these conditions and regulation.

Article 2 – General Provisions

The bicycles and the equipment available for rent by TURISBIKE are the exclusive property of TURISBIKE. They are intended for use in leisure or tourist tours. The equipment is in proper conditions of circulation and safety.

Article 3 – Rental conditions and regulations

a) The bicycle rental works with the timetable displayed in the shop according to the season of the year. Turisbike may have partners where you can find rental equipment as well as the timetable is the one provided by the partner. Therefore, on national and municipal holidays, you will need to confirm by phone, email or chat with the purpose of confirming before making your reservation;

b) At the moment the Customer submits his data on this platform he is declaring and assuming that he has taken note of these conditions, as well as the rental contract.

c) In this contract, the TURISBIKE data and the customer’s data, the vehicle and equipment characteristics, as well as its state, the rental period and, of course, the liability term. As a result the client receives an email with the rental conditions.

d) The Customer who holds the documents presented is the person responsible for all the equipment included in this contract as well as the other people who will use it. It is always necessary to present an identification document at the moment the equipment is picked up.

(e) In the case of minors, since they have a guardian or guardian, the holder of this contract, states from the outset that he is responsible for the minor(s).

Article 4 – Deposit of security

a) TURISBIKE may request a deposit to collect the bicycle or equipments, under the same point of view the Client may leave a document that identifies him/her with a photo, in case of One day rental. The value of the deposit is the sum of the rented equipment and according to the table each unit has a determined value. The deposit is returned at the end of the contract. Unless, it is necessary to deduct some value of expenses with breakdowns or also the services not contracted. You hereby authorize the retention of the security deposit for repairs.

i. the Customer must return the equipment on site as defined in the contract. If different, there are extra charges of 20 euros (twenty euros) within a radius of 20 km from the place of return. In the case of longer distances there is an additional charge of 0.50 euros per return kilometre. You can always consult the related expenses before deciding to leave at another place.

ii. or by other in case of breakdowns, holes or damaged material according to the table below for equipment repair.

The Client hereby authorises the deposit of the guarantee to make such adjustments as soon as the amount of the guarantee is identified.

The value of the deposit does not cover the full value of the bicycles or equipment.

Still in case of theft or robbery the value of the deposit will be retained to deduct the value of the equipment. TURISBIKE must be reimbursed by the client for the retail price of the equipment minus 20% or according to the table of guarantees herein described.

Article 5 – Use of the bicycle

a) The Customer must always make prudent use of the bicycle, in order to maintain its good conservation, functioning and safety.

For example, whenever you stop it and leave it, you must use the security padlock. Although it does not prevent theft, it is the Customer’s responsibility to choose the place to keep it. The other users that accompany him/her must also do the same. The Customer holding the contract is responsible for all users. If TURISBIKE requires any participation on the part of TURISBIKE, this is always done to the client of the contract.

b) You may not transport third parties on the rented bicycle, except in a chair suitable for children weighing up to 20 Kg, you may not give it away, sublet it or take part with it in any type of sporting events or similar situations, without giving prior notice;

c) TURISBIKE reserves the right to refuse the rental of bicycles, to whom:

  • do not present valid documentation;
  • is visibly under the influence of alcohol;
  • do not offer a guarantee of prudent use and care of the bicycle;
  • not to pay the deposit requested;
  • in a similar way previously violated the rental conditions.

Article 6 – Rental Rates

The price varies between the vehicle, time of use, promotions and discounts in force at the time. You should therefore consult the pricing conditions in the shop or simulate on this page.

Article 7 – Return of Equipment

a) The customer must deliver the bicycle and equipment included in the rental contract, in that sense at the place defined in the contract.

As soon as the rental period expires, under penalty of not doing so you will have to pay the excess time of use; If eventually you are late or want to exceed the time limit, you must communicate by email, Whatsapp, Telegram or other written form preferably.

b) If you do so before the rental period expires, there is no right to a refund of any amount;

(c) Failure to return the rented bicycle will give rise to a criminal complaint of theft against the party responsible for the contract concluded between the parties. Amount per single day until its return or completion of the procedure, as well as all legal expenses for this purpose;

d) In case the bicycle is stolen, the customer must immediately file a criminal complaint to the police authorities. He/she is also responsible for the payment of the full amount of the bicycle. The value is in accordance with the rented equipment. In case of deposit of deposit this value is retained for adjustment;

Article 8 – Customer Responsibilities

a) You are responsible for all damages caused to the rented equipment. In case of accident, you have to compensate TURISBIKE for the amount that in return is necessary for the total recovery. As well as in what concerns the downtime in the amount of 15€ (fifteen euros) per day. In accordance with the cost of material plus the cost of workshop labour. Above all, you will also be liable for compensation for damage caused to third parties.

b) The rental of the bicycle to the Customer does not imply any civil liability or personal accident insurance by TURISBIKE and this responsibility is always the responsibility of the Customer. The insurance that Turisbike has is the obligatory insurance for the tourist activity and, depending on the case, it is up to the insurance company to cover liabilities.

Article 9 – Reservations and Cancellation Policy

Booking made online bike rental on the platform

a) The online booking in return guarantees the availability of the equipment for the scheduled day.

The reservation is always considered a minimum of one full day starting at 9 am. It can therefore be picked up at any time from the first hour of booking (9.00 am) and dropped off at any time until 7.00 pm of the same day or the last day of rental.

The reservation is considered when paid and the confirmation email is received. Reservations to be paid in shop on the day are not considered reservations.

Bookings made online, which do not meet the 9am start time, are not considered effective reservations, being subject to availability. If other clients rent at 9am you have priority. The value is returned in the form of discount voucher for a next reservation or returned in card according to the payment made.

Reservations are only accepted up to 30 days prior to the date of booking. Reservations are always subject to conditions until you receive an email confirming that the equipment is available and effectively booked.

The reservations in Turisbike’s partners, can have different opening and closing times, but it is always considered a full day, start and finish time total of 10 hours.

In all certainty, the equipment is exclusively available to the Client during this period. Equipment not picked up on the contracted day remains available until the end of the contract. We can accept the holder’s change in order to use the reserved equipment. You must communicate by email in the same way the data of the new holder of the contract and that he/she accepts the rental conditions.

b) Online booking cancellation policy for bicycle rental only

You can cancel as well as change by email. You must also indicate the order reference.

  • After 24 hours of service, there is no refund.
  • At 7 days a discount voucher is issued to use in the next 30 days when rebooking online.
  • At 15 days the amount is returned in the form of payment. Except expenses and commissions in the amount of 5% of the amount paid.
  • You can cancel your booking or postpone due to weather issues that prevent safe cycling.

Booking of trips and excursions outside the existing online packages, with a tailor-made proposal sent by email

When it is a customised service, to guarantee the availability of the equipment on the event date, the pre-booking is made with a payment of approximately 30% of the value of the budgeted service. The payment must be fully paid before 30 days of the event date. In these cases the cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations requested to
    • Up to 30 days from the event: 80% of the amount paid is refunded.
    • Up to 15 days from the event: 60% of the amount paid is refunded.
    • After 15 days from the date of the event: there is no right to a refund.

Discount voucher: The discount voucher granted in case of cancellation in effect is valid for 30 days from the date of the event. It can be used on discounted services according to online services at the date of the new purchase. You cannot use the discount voucher for the purpose of purchasing items, so it is only used for the purchase of new services. The discount voucher has to be used in return for its full face value on a single, next purchase. If it is a service of a lower value, there is therefore no right to a refund of the difference.

The service of which you have been cancelled may still not exist at a future date.

You cannot use the discount voucher to make a reservation. The reservation of a service is always with 30%, with a new payment and the voucher is used in discounting the total remaining value of the service cost. If the remaining amount (70%) is less than the face value of the discount voucher, there is no refund. Nor will a voucher be created for the amount of the difference. You should therefore choose a service that uses the full value of the voucher.

Article 10 – Failures

a) In case of damage to the rented equipment in the vicinity of the pick up point, until 5 kms or ONE hour of use of the bicycle and equipment, feel some anomaly must return to verify or in case of change the equipment. After this trial period if nothing happens the equipment is considered to be in use condition.

b) In the case of a malfunction caused by misuse, therefore, the cost of the journey to collect the equipment on site will be increased by 20.00 € (twenty euros) within a radius of 15 km. For a greater distance, a charge of 0.50 euros per kilometre will be applied. In addition to the costs of the repair.

Article 11 – Accidents

TURISBIKE is not responsible for any accident that may occur during the rental. However you are warned to comply with all the rules of the road code of the country and during the use of the equipment;

Article 12 – Schedule of bonds

In case of partial damage to the equipment, the customer is subject to payment to TURISBIKE of the following amounts (VAT included):

ArticlePriceLower excess(*)
Low cost bicycle10050
City bike350200
Group 1 mountain bike600300
Group 2 mountain bike990590
Road bike990590
Air chamber53
City tyre158
Mountain tyre2010
Road tyre2515
Air pump105
Bike Rear Derailleur city bicycle2010
Bike Rear Derailleur altus3015
Bike Rear Derailleur acera5025
Bike Grips2010
Bike Stand158
Prices are in euros and include VAT

If you have opted for the package or the additional service of Guaranteed Price, the amount payable for theft or damage is as per this column.

 Article 13 – Non-committal cases

For cases not covered by these conditions and regulation, the parties will be governed by the law in force.

This document is provided in the language selected on this page for your convenience. It is a translation of the original document prepared in the Portuguese language. By accepting this contract, you agree to comply with the terms of the contract in the Portuguese language found here. We make no representations as to the accuracy of the translation and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood the contract in Portuguese.

Now that you know the conditions and regulations you can go to the shop to rent your equipment, follow here

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