Conditions of Bicycle Transport Service

The transport service for cyclists and bicycles is governed by the following rules

The bicycles are accommodated in adequate accessories for its transport for example in roof bars, in the same way in tow ball supports or sometimes it can be in a trailer with bicycle support. The Bicycle Transportation Service in this way the transportation will always be done with all the care inherent to this operation. We advise you to read carefully the Conditions of the Bicycle Transport Service. Translated with (free version)

The Bicycle Transport Service for electric bicycles must be carried out without the battery on the bicycle. Their total weight with or without battery may not exceed 20 kg. You should find out whether the configuration and ergonomics of the bike can fit the Thule 591 or Hast Cross Country Carrier.

In the designated transportation of taxi-bikes, up to 5 bicycles and 5 passengers, the 5 bicycles must be “normal” without electric assistance. For electric bicycles the quantity is two e-bikes and two “normal” bicycles without electric assistance.

On trailers, the transport of electric bicycles is up to a maximum of 6 units.

On the bike transport service for safer transport you may sometimes have to remove the saddle or lower/lower the saddle according to the needs of adjustment. With trailers there is usually no need to dismount the bicycles. In all kinds of transport there is no need to remove the wheels.

By accepting the Bicycle Transport Service you accept these conditions.

Any other matter that requires a better clarification can be sent by email to see in contacts.

During the journey of the Bicycle Transport Service no long stops are foreseen. But in principle short stops that do not exceed fifteen minutes. Only stops at service stations that are along the route, i.e. without detours. With the purpose of refuelling with food and drinks, as well as other necessities. The bicycles will always be supervised by the driver of the vehicle. In case the driver needs to leave the car for a while, the bicycles will be guarded by the passengers. Translated with (free version)

In the Bicycle Transport Service in situations of longer stop, like dinner or lunch, you must inform in the budget request, to complement this cost of time and meal of the driver. You must therefore inform the exceptions before the budget is presented.

It should be added that if this situation has not been presented in advance, this value must be paid for. With the agreement of all, according to the deviation in kilometres and stoppage time and the value of the meal, if there is a stoppage for that purpose, to be paid to the driver on duty.

According to the date and time scheduled for the collection of cyclists the maximum waiting time without any notice from the client is ONE hour at the appointed place.

If the time and place agreed has elapsed, there will be no refund.

The Turisbike Bicycle Transport Service is committed to being at the place on the date and time scheduled for the collection of cyclists and bicycles. Turisbike cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur due to traffic, breakdowns or any other event. The client will be informed of any such inconvenience beyond the control of Turisbike. In this case, Turisbike will not be entitled to any form of compensation or reduction in the agreed price. Translated with (free version)

In the event of a breakdown of the Turisbike transport vehicle, you will be assisted by a travel assistance service. This will take the customers to their final destination, according to the rules of travel assistance. In addition, the goods may have to be transported in another vehicle to be delivered at a different date. In these cases, which are beyond our control, no compensation will be paid or the amount quoted will be reduced.

When booking the bicycle transport service a booking deposit is always requested. The date is closed, with no opportunity to accept other reservations. For this reason in case of withdrawal the value cannot be returned. Nor stay in credit for another service.

It is important for the safeguarding of the Customer to take due notice for the purpose of eventualities that may occur beyond our control.

In our bicycle transportation service we provide a careful and responsible transportation. In the event of any anomaly in the transported bicycles we decline any responsibility, the transport of bicycles does not cause any type of damage, as long as they are assembled properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Our type of transport is carried out under the same conditions that the cyclist does privately, as when he transports his bicycle in his own car. Although any accident or unforeseen situation is not excluded as long as it is covered by the respective insurance. Naturally, the Customer accompanies the bicycle during the trip. This way you can check all the care taken in placing, packing and driving. From our experience to date there has never been any kind of complaint or anomaly regarding our mode of transport.

No additional insurance is taken out for the transport of goods, equipment and bicycles. If you wish to take out a separate insurance for the transport you should consult your insurance company or request a quote under that condition of goods insurance. Compulsory insurance covers passengers for the amounts required by law. Regarding damages as third parties, the respective insurers cover the expenses and costs according to the law.

Our aim is for the Bicycle Transport Service to take place as it does most of the time, without interference or changes to what is planned and budgeted for. In other words that cyclists and bicycles arrive at their destination in good condition.

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