How to book a bike online

How to book a bike online, see here how simple and easy it is

  • Choose the bike model and size when applied to some models.
  • You can collect your order of bicycles in shop, or also from authorised partners.
  • You can also choose to have the bicycles delivered to another location, as available indicated in the product/service.
    • Deliveries are made in the mornings until 10am. Pick-ups are made from 7pm onwards.
    • In hotels, delivery or collection can be made upon reception.
    • If it is accommodation or house (Airbnb) you should ensure that you always have someone to receive and collect.
    • These times may change depending on the distance from the base and traffic on the day.
  • If you can’t find the area where you want to receive your order, choose “Other location on request (pre-booking)“.
    • The amount shown is an estimate, for that reason you should close the order as a Pre-Order and wait for the email with the answer.
      • After receiving the email with the delivery and collection values, you can make the payment, if you agree, or request cancellation of the order.

Calculate rental cost per time period and how to book a bike online

  • The bicycle rental always has a start time. However the end time is according to the shop’s timetable.
    • Of course it can always be returned before the end time.
    • End times may differ according to the partners’ opening hours. Always confirm with the shop the time for return.
  • Reservations are only accepted for the following days, never for the day itself.
    • In this case in the field “Time” must be selected as “Bookimg“.
  • The bicycle is reserved from the “Start date”, from the first opening hour of the delivery point.
    • If it is a case of delivery to another address, the same rule as for deliveries mentioned above applies.
      • The time of return or collection is agreed in advance, but respecting the stipulated times according to the closing time of the shop.
      • You should only put the time in the “Hour” field, certainly when you rent the bicycle and pick it up on the same day at the shop.
      • If it starts at half an hour (31 minutes) the start time to be counted is the following hour (e.g. 14.35 start time to be shown as 15h).
      • You only pay for the use from the start time until the end time, which is the closing time of the venue.
      • The calculation periods per hour, have a minimum usage of 4 hours, so after 4pm the cost is unique until the end hour.

    Confirmed Reservation Request

    • For this reason it is not accepted for bookings. Because the reservations always start at the first hour, for this reason they are no longer rented that day.
      • When rented for more days, the end time is always until 7pm of the last day. Either return on site or still with collection at another address.
      • After making your choices of Date, Time and Days of hire. You must choose quantities in addition to sizes where appropriate.
      • At the same time you must indicate the place of delivery and return.
      • The result is the final cost of the rental/service. You must add it to the cart, to place your order or reservation.
      • Also add any extras you’ll need to the trolley, in short such as a lock, repair kit, child seat or other additional extras that will enhance your cycling experience.

      Guarantee your equipment reservation with online booking

      • You should place your order by following the indicated steps. In order to guarantee the reservation of the equipment for the desired dates.
      • The reservation is only effective after payment and confirmation, by email, of the availability of the equipment on that date.
        • If, due to a computer or website operating fault, the reservation is automatically accepted, after checking our services and there is no physical availability or replacement by a similar one, we will be obliged to cancel the order. With the refund of the amount paid, without any other type of damage.
      • How to finalise and confirm your order
        • Ao finalizar a encomenda se optar por “Pagamento em loja”, ainda assim, a reserva pode não fica garantida quando se deslocar à loja.
          • This form of payment is only for rental on the day, without reservation.
        • If you choose the pre-booking option, you will receive an email with the booking conditions.
          • You pay the partial amount of the order, which can be by credit card, bank transfer or MBWay. The remaining amount you pay upon delivery.
        • When ordering you can make immediate payment by credit card or PayPal.

      Collect or receive your order

      • To collect your order in shop, you must have the contract holder’s identification document.
      • A security deposit is required as a result of the rental.
        • It can be included in the order when the rental is longer than one day.
          • The refund is made at the end with the delivery of the equipment. The refund will be made according to the payment of the reservation.
        • If you have not included the security deposit in the order itself, you can pay cash on collection in shop or on delivery on site.
      • In one-day rental situations, the deposit can be replaced by another form of guarantee. Such as a document, e.g. a driving licence or other.
      • Please note that if you do not deliver the equipment at the time indicated as the deadline, a charge of €5.00 / hour will be applied. You must always inform our services of the estimated delay.

      How to book a bike online

      In case you have any doubts about how to make a reservation you can always ask for help through our contacts.

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