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*This model option is not contractual. When choosing the type of saddle, whether for men or women, we will try to include the exact model in the order. Depending on the quantities and units available at any given time. But a Gel saddle model is always included but it may be different to those in the images. For this reason, we will always try to satisfy this option request, but if this fails, the contract remains active.

Extra Comfort Gel Saddle for riding for miles on a bike and not having the cycling equipment. To have more comfort during your pedalling use a gel saddle.

You will feel the difference and extra comfort with the miles for every pedal stroke will be of greater pleasure.

Add this extra Comfort to your Vortex or Elite mountain bike rental order

The Extra Comfort Gel bike saddle focuses on comfort. A large seat surface offers even enough support when in an upright riding position. The saddle comes with a foam base and gel pads on top. The foam provides support, while the gel reduces vibrations and increases comfort. A large cut-out provides relief for the perineal area and reduces numbness as well as unsightly pressure marks.

– Intended use: city and touring bikes
– Padding: foam base with gel inserts

If damaged or broken equipment is returned, the amount of €15 will be deducted for each unit.

Note: The photo is illustrative of a model of gel saddle. The model can vary but the filling is always gel and in comfort ranges.


Comfort GEL Lady, Comfort GEL Men, Comfort GEL Women


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