Extra saddlebags for bike hire 2 x 20 L

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For your bike trip, equip your bicycle with double waterproof saddlebags

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For a more comfortable bike trip, so you don’t have to carry the weight of a backpack on your back. Choose this saddlebags option to use on a bicycle according to the luggage support option.

Check if the bike model you are renting actually supports the use of these panniers. If you have doubts, contact our services.

Although these saddlebags have a capacity of 20 litres, you should not use them at maximum capacity. The maximum load for a bike trip should not exceed 6 kilos. If you have more luggage, leave it with us and we will send it to your arrival point. This way you will have a lighter and calmer trip and avoid major damage due to overloading.

Always bear in mind that excess weight on your bicycle will certainly not make for a safer ride.

Use the bike to enjoy your ride and don’t use it as a cargo vehicle. In other words it makes the bike more unstable, when you put too much weight on the rear wheel. Follow our advice and experience. In case of doubt, contact our services.

See that the cost of sending a bigger luggage from the starting point to the destination point. You will see that in the end it will be worth it. Most of the luggage you will take on your bike with you, you won’t need. If it is the first time you are going on a bicycle trip and you have no experience. Put everything you think you’ll need during those days on your bicycle. And get rid of what you don’t really need and what you can take that extra weight off. Many hotels and lodges have washing machines and dryers, so you can use them at the end of each stage to wash your equipment.

This article is to be included as an option when renting bikes.


Capacity 20 litres. Maximum load: 7 kg.

Assembly / disassembly

Attachment to the rear luggage rack of the bike. Lower attachment point with belt.


Waterproof fabric and seams. Resists all water projections (IPX4)

Easy to use

It attaches to the left or right of the luggage compartment. Handle for easy transport to your accommodation.


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