Puncture repair kit for hire bikes

4,50  with VAT

Choose the number of inner tube units to replace.

Includes 1 tool kit for each pair of bikes.

25% discount from the second unit.

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Choose the quantity of inner tube that comes with the bicycle puncture repair kit

Always have a bicycle puncture repair kit with you, the tool you need to replace an inner tube in the event of a puncture.

What this kit includes:

  • 1 telescopic hand air pump
  • 2 tyre changers
  • 1 multi-purpose tool
  • 1 air chamber (choose quantities for more units)

During a cycle ride we may come across some not-so-good situations. Like puncturing a tyre. As a result, we were unable to continue our journey. Or enjoy our pleasant bike ride.

So it’s important to always have a repair kit as an extra in case of bad luck.

If you don’t have any experience of changing an air chamber, you can check out some tutorials on YouTube.

  • To remove the tyre from the wheel, use the dismounts as a lever.
  • Pull the punctured inner tube out of the tyre.
  • Run your finger along the inside of the tyre, without the glove, to find the element that caused the puncture.
  • Above all, be careful not to injure yourself on the sharp object.
  • If you don’t find any foreign objects, you’re also ready to fit the new air chamber.
  • Remove from the packaging and first inflate the air chamber with a little air.
  • Then you can start putting it inside the tyre.
  • Gradually place the tyre inside the wheel and at the end, if necessary, use the dismount as a lever.
  • Now fill the air chamber with the help of the pump to the desired pressure.
  • Place the wheel on the bike, check that it is tightened sufficiently.
  • Pay attention to the repair material if you put it all in the bag.
  • Don’t leave your punctured airbag on the way, take it with you to an eco-point.

See the rental conditions

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If the tool kit is lost or not returned, there will be a charge of €10 to be deducted from the security deposit.


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