Hole repair kit for rental bikes

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Bicycle puncture repair kit

Always have a bicycle hole repair kit with you, a tool needed to replace an air chamber. This way you will never stand still, in order to continue your journey.

Which includes this kit:

  • 1 handheld telescopic air pump
  • 2 disassembles tyres
  • 1 air chamber
  • 1 multi-purpose tool

During a bike tour we may encounter some kind of less good situations. Like puncturing a tyre. As a result it does not allow us to continue our journey. Or in the same way enjoy our pleasant bicycle ride.

Therefore it is important to always have an extra repair kit in case of any bad luck.

If you don’t have the experience on how to change an air chamber you can visit some tutorials on youtube.

  • To remove the tyre from the wheel, use the disassembled tyre as a lever.
    Remove the punctured air chamber from the tyre.
  • Pass your finger, without the glove, through the interior of the tyre in order to find the element that caused the puncture.
  • Take care not to injure yourself on the sharp object.
  • If you do not find any foreign object, you are also ready to put the new air chamber.
  • Remove from the package and first of all inflate some air in the air chamber.
    In this way you can start to put it inside the tyre.
  • Gradually you put the tyre into the wheel and at the end, if necessary with the dismantle as a lever.
  • Now inflate the air chamber with the help of the pump until it is at the desired pressure.
  • Place the wheel on the bicycle, check that the wheel is tightened sufficiently.
    Take note of the repair material if you put it all inside the bag.
  • Do not leave the air chamber pierced in the way, take it with you to an eco-point.

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