Luggage transport service

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Request for a budget for luggage transport

  • Way of St James of the Coast and Central Way
  • You can request a quote for other routes, under analysis.
  • Please request a quote for this service separately from others.
  • Do not make payment at the end.
  • Close as PRE-RESERVATION and wait for confirmation email with values for reservation.

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In the luggage transport service is conditioned. After verification according to our service and thus an approval by our team.

  • In case of doubt and in order to close the order, please do it this way as a PRE-RESERVATION, without payment.
  • If you are within our services you will receive an email with the confirmation. As well as making the payment in case of Reservation.

Travel luggage (max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm), only slightly different dimensions are permitted, so that the maximum volume on all sides does not exceed 160 cm and a maximum of 20 kg

  • Luggage transport service
  • Pick-ups from 8 am at reception and deliveries until 5 pm.
  • These times may change, depending on the itinerary or traffic on the day.
  • Loose luggage is not permitted. Or bags tied to the luggage.

Please note: the same applies if the luggage has other dimensions. You must then submit a new quotation.

If the luggage is outside the dimensions and weight stipulated here, the fee to be paid is an additional 20 euros per transport at each stage. Or we may even not collect it due to lack of space and conditions. Sometimes it may not be just a suitcase that has exceeded the dimensions and our maximum load does not allow it. For sending larger luggage you should choose the express service of sending luggage to the final stage. If you don’t have a small bag or backpack, we can provide one for the journey between stages. So you don’t have to make the trip to Portugal with two suitcases.

This service is also included for walkers or groups. For other types of luggage transport service please consult us for conditions.


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