Operational Bicycle Renting (AOB)

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Operational Bicycle Rental (AOB) system with maintenance services included and cost controlled for each type of intervention and repair.

Turisbike offers an operational rental service. For those who are looking to use a pedal-powered vehicle, namely the bicycle. So for a period longer than 1 month, with a minimum of two months and a maximum of 12 months.

The operational leasing of vehicles (OLV) or Renting existing in the case of the car. When renting a vehicle you are hiring a service for use during a certain period of time and not the acquisition of the vehicle.

When making the renting contract, the client is subject to the payment of a single monthly fixed rent that includes a vehicle, in this case a bicycle, with periodic maintenance and assistance, such as tyre replacement, according to the terms of the contract as well as other additional services such as extras.

For Operational Bicycle Rental it is necessary to place an order by the bidder via the online shop.

First of all you just need to add the AOB product/service to a Pre-order. Soon after to analyze and check the availability of bicycle for the service.

When ordering that way you do not have to make any payment. In short you must close it as a PRE-ORDER.

This service is only available this way for bidders with Portuguese citizen card and resident in Portugal.

So you only have to make the payment when the availability of the service is verified and you receive the email confirming it.

As it is primarily a limited stock and on hand service, approval has to be done manually.

Operational Lease of Bicycle (OLB), means that it is like a service provision and not a financing or purchase of the vehicle or bicycle.

If any payment is made through other means of payment, such as credit card or PayPal. Without first having received the confirmation email, the amount is immediately refunded in full.

The payment of the service without first having been confirmed by Turisbike, does not oblige the fulfillment of this service.

On the other hand, this service is limited to a number of vehicles. Proposals are decided on a case by case basis.

When the holder of the order and proposer of this AOB service pays the first monthly instalment together with the deposit, he is assuming this service as a contract.

The service varies the monthly amount, depending on the vehicle and the time to hire. When you hire an AOB service (Operational Bicycle Rental) you must pay a deposit in the first monthly payment. This value is refunded at the end of the contract of use, with the return of the vehicle, according to the conditions in the contract.

This AOB service after checked the availability, receives an email confirming the authorization to proceed with the rental process.

This service is only available for Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde residents. We expect to soon expand our area of operation.

This service requires a deposit that varies according to the vehicle to be rented and is described in the purchase order.

Income or monthly cost: it is calculated according to the type of vehicle and the expected value of the agreed maintenance, according to the order placed by the proponent holder. Thus all extra services, even if mandatory such as preventive maintenance is paid every 2 months of the contract. Failure to comply with this clause may cause the contract to terminate, being obliged to return the vehicle to the shop, without refund of the deposit, due to the breach of contract.

This rental is unique and only one per person holding an order.

The holder must make his registration as a Customer and his data must be updated and whenever there is a change of address or telephone contact. The holder must make the update directly in his account and sending by email the documents proving the change.

Conditions and contract of Bicycle Operational Lease


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Logo I love rent bike coração de Viana letra branca


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