Rooftop bike rack for hire

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For transporting your bikes at the weekend, rent a roof rack.

Aluminium roof rack with an aesthetic design. Quick tool-free fastening.

– Mounted on frame
– Bicycle rack in aesthetically designed aluminium
– Carries bicycles with 16″ to 29″ wheels
– Carries bicycles up to 20 Kg
– Frame clamp system covered with quality rubber
– Holds the bike in position while fixing to the rack
– Quick release clamping straps
– Quick tool-free attachment
– Locks included
– TUV and City Crash certifications

If you do not make use of this item all year round or most of the time it is in storage. Rent it mainly for the time you need it.

During the rest of the year it can be rented by those who need it. This certainly avoids the purchase of items that most of the time during the year are stored without use. It ends up depreciating, so the value you pay for the rental during its use, is paying for its depreciation. Do the maths before you buy, it may be worth it to rent.

This way you always have the items up to date and the lack of storage space is no longer a concern.

You can rent together the roof bars to apply the bike rack. Add the accessories to the trolley and make your reservation.


– Fixing in the frame
– Aluminium bicycle rack
– Carries bicycles with wheels from 16" to 29".
– Carries bicycles up to 15 Kg
– Keeps the bike in position while attaching it to the stand
– Tightening straps and quick release
– Locks included
– Quick fastening
– TUV Certification


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