Security deposit on rental equipment

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This product/service serves as a security deposit for the rental equipment.

The deposit serves as a guarantee during the use of the equipment.

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If you rent a service for more than a day you must make a deposit on the rented equipment.

When you purchase a rental service you have the option of having the deposit included in the order, depending on the equipment chosen.

This way you can make the deposit on the same day you pick up the equipment or on the previous day in case of delivery outside the shop. This amount will be returned at the end of the service.

If there are expenses or malfunctions not included in the rental, you authorize the company to make the due adjustment of values, returning the difference if necessary.

The deposit does not cover the value of the equipment in case of total loss or theft, so this deposit is retained and the remaining amount will be requested to complete the total value of the equipment.

Security deposit

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