Operational leasing

Operational bike rental is a rental modality in which Turisbike makes bicycles available for use for a certain period of time. Usually long-term, in exchange for a monthly or annual payment.
In this rental model, Turisbike is responsible for the entire process of maintenance, repair and replacement of the bicycles. As well as the logistical and operational management of the system. This means that the users of the service do not need to worry about the maintenance of the bicycles. And they can use them safely and with peace of mind.
Operational bike hire is an increasingly popular option in cities and businesses. Which encourage the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport. Many companies offer this service to their employees as a benefit. Encouraging the use of bicycles as a way of reducing traffic and pollution, as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle.
This rental model is also common in sustainable urban mobility projects. Operational leasing is a way to ensure that bicycles are always in good working order and available for use by users.

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